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Chelsea and Jared- Lake Geneva Wisconsin Wedding Cinematographer

Bright sunshine. Blue cloudless skies. Crisp fall air with a hint of leftover summer. Two people about to fulfill a promise they made two years earlier. Chelsea and Jared’s wedding day proved simple, beautiful, and full of potential…just like Chelsea and Jared. When we had skyped a few weeks prior, Chelsea and Jared asserted they were a “no-frills” type of couple; that their wedding day was about the people important in their story, not the venues or the decorations or the clothes. And yet everything about Chelsea and Jared was perfectly expressed through each detail of the day: a lovely, warm, rich ceremony set at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Elkhorn, WI, Chelsea’s childhood church. A classy, elegant reception with a subtle nautical theme, thrown at the Riviera Ballroom above the Lake Geneva Promenade, complete with gorgeous flower centerpieces crafted to look like underwater plants and coral. A stylish gown, simply cut to highlight Chelsea’s gorgeous personality as she twirled with friends and family on the dance floor. Each part of the day seemed to welcome the guests (and vendors!), making us feel special—and specially invited—to help celebrate and participate in this next chapter of Chelsea and Jared’s lives. With so much love and thought put towards those around them, it’s no wonder these two have come together. We can’t wait to see how their effortless love continues to spread throughout the years!

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